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Order Socks Without Leaving the Terminal

We all know using the mouse is a productivity killer. So is shopping for essentials like socks and underwear. Here is a solution to both of these problems.

Zappos Labs just released an awesome new CLI for us developers to keep our eyes on the prize.

To use it is simple (you do need to be running ruby 1.8.7 or greater. Install instructions here).

> gem install zappos_cli

> zappos configure

zappos configure just created a template preferences file in your home directory (~/.zappos)

Update the preferences file with your zappos credientials and some preferences (you will need to have an account set up online with your shipping and billing preferences). Typically it looks like this:

zappos_username = jonathan
zappos_password = p@ssw0rd

favorite_colors = ['blue', 'black', 'green']
celebrities_with_style_that_i_like = ['jack black','zach galifianakis'] 

Great! Now you are all set . Let’s give it a spin …

> zappos order:socks --quantity=4

       mmm          mmm          mmm          mmm
  mmm  | |     mmm  | |     mmm  | |     mmm  | |
  | |  | |     | |  | |     | |  | |     | |  | |
  | |  \) \    | |  \) \    | |  \) \    | |  \) \
  \) \  \__)   \) \  \__)   \) \  \__)   \) \  \__)
   \__)         \__)         \__)         \__)

You just ordered some socks! Nice! (note: the current version only supports following items: ['socks', 'boxers', 't-shirts', 'jeans', 'shoes', 'hoodies'] Enough to keep us hackers clothed.)

Really impressed with the ascii art — they are sweating the details.

Want to see the status of your order:

> zappos orders:status

Want to track your order:

> zappos orders:status --tail

I like to keep this open in a tmux pane, and I can realtime see where my socks are.

Don’t like your socks. No worries. Returns are easy:

> zappos returns:new --order=ORDER_NUMBER

This will generate a pdf return label and return instructions. note: ORDER_NUMBER comes from running zappos orders:status

The zappos_cli is in beta right now. But I have found it invaluable. Give it a shot!

JUST KIDDING!!! But this would be sooooooooo awesome Make it happen @ZapposLabs!!