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Mailing It In

File this under, something I want, but not going to build …

Had another idea in the shower this morning (all of my ideas happen in the shower).

Problem Statement: What is an easy, non stressful way to communicate what we are working on cross coasts. And for me the most important aspect of that is what are people struggling with, and does someone else on our growing team have knowledge to help them.

For example. I was working to set up flower to monitor celery. I mentioned that to Marc, and he said, “I had a really bad experience with that. It caused a pretty significant memory loss”. Really good to know.

There a bunch of tools out there, some that we use, and some that we don’t, that solve parts of the problem:

  1. Pivotal Tracker: What am I currently working on
  2. GitHub: What changes have I made to the code base(s)
  3. IDoneThis: (we don’t use this) But it is a cool (but IMHO overpriced) tool that you simply email a quick email on what you did today.

My idea I am calling Mailing It In™. This is what I want it to do:

  1. Everyday you send a markdown formated email to mailitin@zefr.com. I need to think about this more, but I think we just need to answer two questions:

    1. What am I struggling with:
    2. I learned this cool thing:
  2. What you are working on will be automatically taken out of pivotal

  3. At Noon every day an digest email will be sent out to the entire team (similar to the daily scrum)
  4. A weekly summery digest email can also be configured
  5. All of this content will be posted in a Jekyl blog hosted internally at ZEFR. This site will have the following features (most coming for free from Jekyl or Octopress):
    1. Search
    2. Be able to see history by team, person, company
    3. Have disqus integrated

Anyways — just an idea. Not going to do anything about it besides write this post. But if someone develops it — Let me know!!